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Emanuele Frasca aka Noyz Narcos, embraces rapping and writing at 15 years old, initially as member of the TBF and Savageboys crew.

At 21 y.o. joins the roman band Truceboys who, in the meanwhile, has already released their first record: Truceboys EP. In 2003 “Sangue” is out. This is the first official Truceboys record and the line-up is so composed: Gel, Metal Carter, Cole, Noyz Narcos and Kimo. Noyz is also up on some productions, starting to make a name as a beatmaker.

The crew begins to play live more and more often, increasing his fan-base, first at Rome and then in all the country. Later more rappers join the crew and Truceboys become Truceklan.

In 2005 Noyz Narcos releases his first solo album “Non Dormire” following personally the entire production and recording sessions. In 2006 with Chicoria and Matteo Swaiz (a renowned pornmovies director) carries out “La Calda Notte” a cd/dvd with 13 new tracks and a videoclip ‘rated R’ for explicit sexual content.

IN 2007 Noyz releases his second solo album “Verano Zombie” with the featurings of Gengis, Metal Carter, Duke Montana, Danno, Chicoria, Mystic I, Miss Violetta Beauregarde, Marracash, Guè Pequeno, Vincenzo da Via Anfossi, Cole, Gel and 3FX.

In 2008 Noyz Narcos was involved in the “Ministero dell’Inferno” compilation which see all the Truceklan side by side with the most important Italian rap artists like Club Dogo, Kaos One, Fabri Fibra and many more.

The untypical featurings, loops taken from retro horror b-movies, the constant dark mood of the beats, lyrics about angst, urban decay, horrorific imagination faced with rawness, cynism and disillusion want to be a breaking point compared with typical Italian rap compilations. In the same year Noyz Narcos and the multiple award-winner dj Gengis Khan released Best Out vol.1, a mixtape which features all the best Italian Mc’s.

In 2009 they release Best Out vol.2 and anticipate the third Noyz Narcos solo album “Guilty”, distributed by Universal Music and produced by Propaganda Agency. The album, out in 2010, see the features of “heavy weights” Italian rappers as Marracash, Fabri Fibra, Club Dogo.