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Massimo Corrado aka Babaman (Rho, 8/8/1975) raised in Milan rap underground scene. In 2000 published his first auto production made of 13 songs collected under the title of “L'occhio” (The Eye).  
In 2004 his second effort “Prima di partire” (Before to leave) included the underground hit “Il vizio” (The Vice). The album featured also important names of the scene such as Bassi Maestro and Medda.
After the publishing of “Prima di Partire” (Before to leave), Babaman moved to Madrid, being like this even more closer to the world of reggae and Rastafarianism.
After about a year and a half back to Italy, as a raggamuffin artist, faithful to Rastafarianism, he has  signed a contract with an independent label and starts to work on new projects under the artistic supervision of Bassi Maestro.
In January 2006 Babaman has published "Fuoco sulle masse" (Fire on the masses) that anticipates the real album released in June: "Come un Uragano" (Like a Hurricane) album raggamuffin style conscious.
In May 2008 he has released the album entitled "Dinamite" (Dynamite). Also this album maintains the reggae sounds as the previous, but adds excellent collaborations including Chuli Camacho from Spain, Jahlingua from Puerto Rico and Gue Pequeno the mc of Club Dogo.
In October 2009 it was the turn of a new underground album, along with the now inseparable Bass Maestro, entitled “La Lettera B” (The B Letter): the album consists in 14 tracks which mix Hip Hop and Reggae sounds.
Babaman, in this moment, is one of the main music artists Rastafarian raggamuffin sounds / reggae / hip-hop in Italy, critically acclaimed   by “RAGGASONICO”, the newest official album released October 12, 2010 by Produzioni Oblio / Universal Music, which has made  him one of the most followed and popular artists in the genre and not only. He’s now touring with Live Nation promoting his new riddim album (Riddim Addict 2011).